Collective Meta-Structures: Increasing Scales of Commercial Development

by B. Cannon Ivers (MLA 16’) and Mark Jongman-Sereno (MLA ’17, MArch ’17)

Working within the existing model of development in Jakarta, this project introduces a model for private commercial development that challenges the scale of the mega-block, suggesting that this existing archetype is not too large but in fact too small. Through the aggregation of multiple transit modes, this project provides a centralized inter-modal transportation hub serving different demographics and social classes of the city through the introduction of pedestrian permeability within the developed mega-block. Through an operational thickened section, horizontal continuity is created across multiple levels to establish a shared common space that mediates disparate scales, urban conditions and spatial fragmentation. The vertical layering of collective space expands the ground onto which the city life of Jakarta can unfold.