Hyperbolic Embrace: Film Studio

Hyperbolic Embrace 1

by Brayton Gregory (MArch ’21)

Using the geometric capabilities of hyperbolic parabolas, there was a creation of a structural module that could perform multiple moves. The module is composed of three hypars that are stitched along tangencies and then scaled in a vertical fashion. The structural system used for spanning large distances, samples part connections of hypars mimicking typical planar truss systems. The truss system acts as the main structure but also creates modular sized spaces of inhabitation above each film studio. The module is also capable of creating columns, walls, and a gradient of sized spaces.  This includes the creation of a covered arcade system surrounding each individual film studio that produces a layered system of public and private spaces. The ultimate goal within this project was the deployment of one structural module that could achieve the following; spanning structure across large open spaces, creating multiple scale of spaces, housing a variety of sized program, and providing layers of enclosure.