Living Lighting

Living Lighting 1

by Pamela Cabrera (MDes EE ’19), Aurora Jensen (MDes EE ’19), Adam Kratch (MIT) and Peter Osborne (MDes EE ’19)


In this work, our team explores the intersection between biology and technology – specifically within the context of light phenomena. At the current time, there are no scalable and generic platforms for the creation and transportation of bioluminescent light deep into interior spaces. We see this technological gap as an opportunity to develop a system that can seamlessly integrate into existing and new buildings in order to produce natural light during the night time. The goal of this system is to replace the use of artificial lights in interior spaces by extending existing fiber optic daylighting technology to also work during the night. Our proposed system leverages bioluminescent organisms, hydrogel actuated mirrors, fiber optics, and lenses in order to evolve existing tech into a diurnal solution.

Living Lighting 2