Long Dock Beacon

Long Dock Beacon aims to complete the most environmentally-sustainable hotel in the nation. Located within a 23-acre park on the historic Hudson River waterfront in Beacon, New York, the project’s goals include increasing public access to the river; restoring currently degraded environmental conditions; providing connections to Beacon’s vital public infrastructure and cultural tourism destinations; and demonstrating exemplary environmentally sensitive development in a riverfront location.

The proposed plan envisions a geothermally-heated and cooled plant, an extensive green roof, biological storm water treatment, created wetlands, and a restored Hudson River intertidal zone. The project is being developed by Foss Group Beacon, LLC; the site is owned by Scenic Hudson.

Team: Patkau Architects, Inc.; Gruzen-Samton Architects LLP; Arup; Divney, Tung & Schwalbe, LLP; George Trakas, artist; Minetta Brook Foundation, public arts advocates.