Miami Metro Strand

Revised Plan

by Sam Adkisson (MAUD ’19) and Hiroki Kawashima (MAUD ’19)

The border between Downtown Miami and Overtown negatively affects the later in a profound way and the overall prosperity of the city has failed to cross into Overtown. Activating this edge offers an opportunity to better link Overtown with the surrounding city. Giving better access to transit and a safe pedestrian path over the train tracks will create more activity in the area. Linking the two major parks in the area with a scenic and cool path through the site offers a variety of public spaces for all, a rarity in a city with few quality public spaces outside of the its beaches. Around all of these spaces are retail, restaurants and offices that support the local and up-and-coming business in smaller and more affordable space. The various gathering spaces give the Overtown community and the other future occupants places to congregate and socialize, which is difficult to do in Overtown today. Most importantly, contained within all of this is housing for all income levels, shifting away from the highly exclusive condos nearby, which displacing those that need proper housing the most. As Miami continues to urbanize, developments like the Metro Strand offer a better path forward for all residents.

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Revised Perspective 2
Revised Perspective