Phyto Garden

A New Paradise-Renewal of Damaged and Polluted City Land with the Power and Work of Plants: Science, Horticulture, and Design for People, Nature, and Beauty

The site portrayed the power and ability of plants to extract, sequester and destroy industrial contamination found in soils and groundwater in this highly polluted manufacturing urban landscape.

Niall Kirkwood - TANGSHAN IMAGE 2It was an experimental site project representing the United States for the 2016 International Expo, “City and Nature, Phoenix, Nirvana” in the City of Tangshan, Hebei Province, China. Tangshan was the center of the 1976 catastrophic earthquake as well as intense national steel production that developed a dangerous and dilapidated urban environment yet it has undergone a rebirth to become a prosperous and revitalized region. The Phyto project along with installations by landscape architects from Japan, Germany, China, Canada and New Zealand recorded five million visitors.