Pneuma(tic) Bodies

Installation-Performance, Carpenter Center for the Visual Arts (CCVA), Cambridge, MA, 2016

Pneuma(tic) Bodies is an installation of sculptures and drawings that explores the relationship shared by the human body, objects, and architectural space through the enveloping medium of air. Three large balloon–like forms made of thin plastic material occupy considerable visual and physical areas on Level 1 of the Carpenter Center. The objects continuously inflate via small cooling ventilators typically used to regulate temperature in personal computers. The motion and scale of these life–like globular forms interrupt the rigid architectural schema designed by Le Corbusier with his concept of the “Modulor,” an ideal system of proportions relating the human body and the architectural environment. In addition to sculptures, large–scale drawings on paper expose the scale and reach of the human body in changing grades of darkness and shininess. This installation encourages reflection on the permeable and unstable qualities of the human form, often guided by fluctuating currents, while making visible the usually undetectable consequences of our movement through architectural space.

Installation by: Silvia Benedito/ Alexander Häusler (OFICINAA)

Performance collaborators: Jill Johnson (Dancer, Director of Dance Program, Harvard University), Hans Tutschku (Musician, Fanny P. Mason Professor of Music at Harvard University)


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