Sound by Time

by Andrea Carrillo (MDes ADPD ’17) and Marielsa Castro (MDes ADPD ’17)

We conceive time as a continuum, but we perceive in units. Fascinated by the elasticity of time in how we perceive space, “Sound by Time” explores the temporal sound scape of Ruggles station in Boston, Massachusetts. We encounter a place dictated by objective time, the time of clocks and trains, of seconds and minutes, but in our exploration we perceived a subjective time aligning not to the machinery but our to physiological metronomes. We found parallel temporal worlds, weather in an elevator, a stair, a hall or a waiting area. And although in these spaces the machine, the technology, and the constant beeps were setting the rhythm and speed it was our associations, our desires and our experience what actively created a “subjective time.” We believe each space carries a temporal identity, not confine to a physical one but to relations and the interactions we have to it. “Sound by time” explores and expands upon the different rhythms and paces found at the station.