The Island of Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

Image of an island

by Anna Goga (March II ’20)

This project is located in-between the Diomede Islands, precisely on the US-Russia Maritime Border and International Date Line. Although the islands are only 4 kilometers away from each other, they are separated by a 24-hour difference. During World War II, the Russian army occupied Big Diomede, and the native population was resettled to the continent. Today, Little Diomede is still occupied by natives, who are looking for their resettled families. The Island of Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow originates from one post, a singularity that brings together all political, cultural, and climatic conditions to a single point. The post is designed with a specific shape that enables the collection of snow and allows the abstract geographic point to become an island naturally. This island is an inaccessible clock located on the border between two countries, never remaining the same on any given day, and existing only to observe how time passes.