The School of the Year 2030 in Rio de Janeiro

Urban Development in Complexo de Alemão



Raquel Fernández Gutiérrez, MAUD 2013

Project Title

The School of the Year 2030 in Rio de Janeiro. Urban Development in Complexo de Alemão


Jorge Silvetti and Paul Nakazawa


Spring 2012
The first movement of this proposal is the introduction of a new teleferico station in the Mineiros neighborhood. This represents a great opportunity to link Rio de Janeiro with the protected municipal park, turning this precise point into a new centrality, not just for the Complexo de Alemão, but for the whole city.The urbanization of this area will start from the very core of the favela, giving sense to the axes that run along the lower and upper parts of the valley, and giving coherence to the preexisting structure by incorporating an intermediate axis where the main services are located, and two main transversal corridors that take advantage of the natural troughs and sew the complex together. These corridors concentrate all the urban infrastructures (sewage, pedestrian communications, water supply, etc.) and bring closer the municipal park to the highly densified areas of the favela by letting the vegetation slide along it.
With regard to the chosen residential type, the main purpose is to emulate the spatial richness that the organic growth of the favelas have achieved. The type consists of a topographical volume that acts as a retaining wall, allowing the generation of patios in between; and an upper volume resting on pilotes which provides shaded public spaces.
The school would act as a mediator between the existing urban fabric and the new developed areas, becoming a place for exchange and junction.