Zapata Vieco house

Geometry answer the question of how a the house can be deformed by events occurring within the surrounding landscape, be they far or close to it. The operation was compatible with a particular request of the client: a clear division of interior spaces. These were finally connected through voids that separate but still permit a visual relation between them, as if they were smaller houses.
The dents in the volume were done with a careful consideration to both far and near events within the landscape, and so each hollow is unique and its form, location and proportion respond to that concern. Some of the thresholds face a distant view, while others show sections of the house itself, the old coniferous nearby wood or the Yarumo trees planted on the edges.
Within the living spaces the roof projects the section to the exterior. In the circulation areas there are voids of long or smaller sizes. In this case, conversely, the roof contracts the section.

Design: Sebastian Mejia, Luis Callejas and Edgar Mazo (as Paisajes Emergentes).
Single-family house
Location: El Retiro, Antioquia (Colombia)
Client: Private
Structural design: Jorge Aristizábal
Collaborators: Juan Carlos Aristizábal, Farid Maya, Erica Martínez and Sebastián Monsalve
Construction: Gedesa
Area: 480 m²
Year: 2011

Photography: Cristobal Palma and Luis Callejas