A European Project for Trento

fac_pub_busquets_european_project_trentoFollowing the urban revolution of 1500 fostered by Bernardo Clesio, the Prince Bishop, the diversion of the river Adige and the construction of the railway by the Austrians in the mid-nineteenth century, another urban revolution is now taking place in Trento. The new town plan for the city is the work of the Catalan architect and Harvard professor Joan Busquets. This epic making transformation revolves around two cardinal points—the railway and the river. By tunneling the railway underground and re-appropriating the river, the city will gain space for a great boulevard which in turn will permit the development of the public transport system, with trams, an over-ground, light railway and the gradual phasing out of private traffic. In planning the new Trento, this world class master of urban design, will also limit the chaotic development of the years following the second World War and reconcile the city to its surrounding territory where not only the river, but a framework of mountains constitute its most characteristic feature.

Edited by Rocco Cerone

Nicolodi editore, Roverento, Italy