AA Words One: Architecture, Ideology and the City: Peter Eisenman Meets Rem Koolhaas

pub_fac_koolhaas_aa_words_oneIn January 2006 Peter Eisenman joined Rem Koolhaas at the Architectural Association for an evening of conversation about architecture, ideology, and the city. Their dialogue forms the basis for the first volume of AA Words, a series emphasizing the written word as the basis for critical debate by contemporary architects and theorists. Each architect states his views about the terms of architecture, including its theories and relationship to the city and other forms of critical and cultural practice. As a coda to the conversation, the book includes contributions by Jeffrey Kipnis, Robert E. Somol, and Brett Steele, who offer their personal interpretations of the critical practices of Eisenman and Koolhaas.

Additional Authors: Brett Steele
Contributors: Peter Eisenman, Jeffrey Kipnis, Robert E. Somol
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