Grand Hyatt Berlin

pub_fac_moneo_grand_hyatt_berlinRafael Moneo, the world-famous Spanish architect (born in 1937), has just completed his hotel building in Berlin’s Potsdamer Platz. The building is a striking combination of Mediterranean flair and classical austerity enhanced by the Swiss designer, Hannes Wettstein’s attractive interior design and furnishings. An ambitious art program comprising contemporary works provides the finishing touches, making the building itself a successful work of art. Similar to Birkhauser’s publications on the building of the Fondation Beyeler by Renzo Piano, and Zaha Hadid’s LF one, this monograph documents the whole development of the construction of the hotel using previously unpublished sketches, plans, photographs and texts.
Author: Hannes Wettstein
Photographs: Helene Binet

Birkhaüser Verlag, 2000