(IN)formal LA: The Space of Politics

Victor Jones publicationby Victor J. Jones (Editor)

Often portrayed as a confluence of cars and movies, this book traces another course to uncover Los Angeles’ primal sources of creation – land and opportunity. Within the endless sprawl there reside flurries of uncodified spatial configurations that no high-definition map or satellite image can accurately capture nor present. (IN)formal LA explores a range of unique spatial practices and pedagogies through the lens of politics in Los Angeles. While this book articulates growing skepticism in current design discourse and education, it also provides a spatial awareness that is culturally rooted, socially responsive, and vitally connected to the city. Composed of essays, photos, projects, and interviews, (IN)formal LA embraces the quirky, celebrates the wide and embellishes the close range to expose complex socio-poltical organizations within this contemporary urban network. (IN)formal LA serves as both a textbook for classes in art, architecture, landscape architecture, urban design, and planning in addition to responding to the increasing interest in the study of Los Angeles by scholars in other fields. The book provides an extended overview of the range and variety of urban issues that are critical to understanding present-day Los Angeles.


Adam Bandler, Rachel Berney, Reid Cigolle, Kenny Cupers, Diane Ghirardo, Stefano de Martino, Markus Miessen, Marcos Sánchez, Roger Sherman, Warren Techentin, Mark Wasiuta

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Paperback, 110 pages, 5.73 x 9.65 inches

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ISBN  978-1-938740-04-6

Published by eVolo and distributed by ACTAR Publishers.