Marc Mimram Architect-Engineer: Hybrid

pub_fac_picon_marc_mimramHow is it possible to be an architect and an engineer at the same time? From the Solfrino footbridge in Paris to his recent projects in China, Marc Mimram’s output offers an original response to this question. It distances itself from the traditional doctrines of the art of the engineering without lapsing into formalism and attaches importance to site, geography and history, without neglecting the prospects generated by new ways of designing and working materials. This book, which is the first to examine all of Mimram’s projects and constructions, is to be read in light of his dual preoccupation with taking into account the uniqueness of concrete situations and mobilizing the power of contemporary science and industry. Marc Mimram’s work is hybrid in the best sense of the term, that of an ongoing dialogue between the different lines of reasoning underpinning the approach to the project.

Gollion: Infolio