Weathering and Durability in Landscape Architecture: Fundamentals, Practices, and Case Studies

pub_fac_kirkwood_weathering_durability_landscape_archEven the most innovative and dynamic design projects are susceptible to weathering. The first book of its kind to address this important yet long-neglected design consideration, Weathering and Durability in Landscape Architecture discusses how landscape materials should be selected, shaped, and implemented to help built landscapes change and evolve over the years, rather than deteriorate.

Weathering and Durability in Landscape Architecture explores a variety of landscape design approaches and site strategies practiced in the industry today, with a focused examination of the link between the conception and implementation of landscape ideas and a range of seen and unforeseen forces that will shape the built landscape over time. Landscape architects and designers can discover how to combat the devastating consequences of deterioration through:

  • Innovative weathering strategies incorporated into the traditional design process
  • Data and commentary on the maintenance and durability of completed landscapes
  • Weathering and durability strategies from leading landscape architects
  • Dozens of case studies supporting examined techniques
  • More than 125 informative graphics

For landscape architects, architects, landscape contractors, urban designers, and environmental designers, Weathering and Durability in Landscape Architecture is an essential volume of proven techniques for creating lasting landscape designs.

John Wiley & Sons, Inc.