The Harvard University Committee on General Scholarships (CGS) administers various university-wide scholarship funds both for US and international students. The CGS website listed below will take you through a series of steps to see if you meet the selection criteria for any of the scholarships that are available. (The Lehman, Starr, and Thayer Scholarships are awarded by GSD staff and/or faculty, and therefore students do not apply for them.)

Please review the list of scholarships at  All students should check both the US section and the international section of the CGS webpage.

If you find you qualify for one or more scholarships, you will need to indicate your interest on the appropriate section of the internal financial aid application. All of these awards are based partly on need. When asked to show supporting documentation, you should provide some evidence of proof that you qualify for that particular award. For example, a copy of your passport can be used as proof for an award based on citizenship. Please review the internal financial aid application for instructions on the submission of supporting materials.

If you do not find an award you are eligible for on the CGS website above, you can skip the CGS portion of the internal financial aid application. Please remember that students from across Harvard University are eligible for these awards and competition may increase based on the selection criteria.