This year we are undertaking significant projects to improve safety, maintain facilities, and make programmatic improvements.  While we are taking steps to reduce the impact on the community, the summer months will include disruptive activities.

This first installment provides a brief outline of the projects.

Summer 2018 Capital Projects


Modernizing the six bathrooms at the south end of the studio on floors 2, 3 & 4.

The lower library scope includes renewal of furniture, carpet, and paint.


7 Sumner

Staff and researchers have been relocated out of this building as we undertake the following investments:

New roof and skylight.

Repointing and selective replacement of masonry.

New mechanical and control system.

New accessible lift.


40 & 42 Kirkland

Selective roofing and waterproofing improvements.


20 Sumner

New landscape including the rear yard of 40 & 42 Kirkland.


Please pardon the disruption during these improvements.  Your understanding and cooperation will be very much appreciated.

While we have been working with the major stakeholders if you have any questions or comments please contact us.