In order to request a document, such as a GSD Letter of Enrollment or Letter of graduation, fully fill out and sign a Letter Request Form.

The preferred method of submission is a high-resolution scan (or good-quality picture) emailed to the: Office of the Registrar

While an original copy is not required, the Registrar must have your signature in order to process your request.

For expedited FedEx mail please follow the instructions below:

To obtain a FedEx shipping label for your documents visit UEMS and create an account:

Note: even though UEMS offers other mailing alternatives please use FedEx !

Make sure to select the correct office or we will not receive the shipping label.
First select Harvard University  ->  then “GSD – Registrars Office.”

Verify that the sender’s address is:

Harvard University
GSD – Registrars Office
48 Quincy Street
Gund Hall 422
Cambridge, MA 02138
United States

Delays in Processing:

  • Due to Federal Holidays
    The Office of the Registrar honors all US Federal Holidays and will be closed on those days.
    We resume processing Document Requests in the order in which they were received on the following business day.
  • Due to Harvard Commencement –
    The Office of the Registrar will not process RUSH ORDER Document Requests the entire week of Commencement.
    In addition, the Office of the Registrar will be closed for the entirety of Commencement day.
    We will resume processing Rush Orders in the order in which they were received the following week.