Emergency Information for the GSD Community

The University’s Emergency Management Plan requires all Schools have a Local Emergency Management Plan to be implemented in the case of an emergency. Below is an outline of contact information, emergency, and evacuation procedures.

Emergency Contact Information

Medical 911
Fire 911
City Police 911
Harvard University Police (617) 495-1212
Harvard University Health Services Urgent Care (617) 495-5711
Office of Sexual Assualt Prevention and Response (617) 495-9100
Harvard University Emergency Communication (617) 496-6397
GSD Building Services Security Supervisor (617) 496-9370
GSD Building Services (617) 495-2514
University Operations Center (617) 495-5560
Environmental Health and Safety (617) 495-5560

Notification of an Emergency

The Harvard University Police Department is in regular, coordinated contact with city, state, and federal authorities, and will notify the campus community should there be cause for concern. In the event of an actual emergency, the campus community will be notified through a variety of mechanisms listed below:

  • Harvard homepage (broadcast alert) and GSD website
  • Global email to all students, faculty and staff
  • Harvard’s “special conditions” line: (617) 496-NEWS (6397)
  • Harvard MessageMe

These emergencies include, but are not limited to: inclement weather, power outages, fire, chemical spills, national and local disasters. During non-business hours, if you have reason to believe there is a problem and you cannot access the GSD via telephone, email or the web, do not come in until communication has been reestablished.

In the event of an emergency, the GSD Local Emergency Management Team will be in contact with the Harvard University Incident Team (composed of the Chief of Police, Director of Health Services, Harvard News Office and Facilities and Environmental Safety), as well as the Harvard President’s Core Management Team.

Emergency Procedures

If you discover a fire, smoke, explosion, toxic vapors or a chemical spill:

  1. Find the nearest Pullbox station and activate the alarm by pulling the lever. Alert a security guard if there is time.
  2. Call (617) 495-1212 to notify the Harvard University Police and tell them the location of the emergency.
Location of Pullboxes
Pullboxes are located on each ground level floor by the stairwell exits, by every external exit door in Piper Auditorium, and by each set of fire doors. At least one alarm signaling device is located on each building floor, this includes both visual and/or audible alarms. Do not attempt to extinguish a fire, unless you have been trained to use an extinguisher.

Evacuation Procedures

If an alarm sounds or an announcement is made:

Proceed to the nearest stairwell or doorway and WALK to the nearest exit. Close doors as you proceed (remember to take your wallet and keys with you). Make sure that people around you are also leaving. Prior to an emergency, identify personnel that need assistance leaving the building. Notify the University Operations Center (617) 495-5560 of their location in the building. During an evacuation, assist disabled persons to areas of refuge where they can wait for emergency personnel to evacuate them from the building. Do not attempt to carry the person out. Stay away from the building!

Meeting Sites
Gund Hall occupants go to Gund Garden across from 7 Sumner Rd. 7 Sumner Road occupants go to Brick terrace at rear of Gund Hall. 20 Sumner Road, 40 Kirkland and 42 Kirkland occupants go to the odd side of Sumner Road. Wait for the all clear announcement before re-entering the building.

Download the Gund Hall Emergency Procedures