International students pursuing a Masters' program (MArch, MLA, MUP, MAUD, MLAUD, MDes) may take advantage of several types of financial assistance as described below.

Financial Aid for International Students

GSD Grant

The GSD offers limited grant for international students.  Grants may be based on a combination of need and/or merit.  Need-based grant determination will be based on information provided on our online Aid Application.  Merit determination will be awarded based on the the strength of a students' application for admission.  Part of the aid offered by the GSD consists of unique opportunities based on an applicants citizenship and program.  Because our grant is limited, not all applicants who are admitted will receive a grant award from the GSD.

Application Procedures

To apply for aid, international applicants will need to complete our internal financial aid application. In late January, international applicants will be provided with instructions for completing our application, which will be due by February 9, 2018. Students should fill out both the student and parent section of the internal application in order to be considered for a larger grant award.  Grants for international students is limited, and will be based on a combination of need and merit.  Not everyone who applies will be awarded financial aid.  Once the application is ready, a link will be provided on this page as well.

Admitted students will be informed about their financial aid at the time of admission decisions provided they have applied by the deadline.

Applying for Financial Assistance has no bearing on an application for admission.

Harvard Restricted Scholarships

The Harvard University Committee on General Scholarships (CGS) administers various university-wide grant funds both for US and international students. Applicants should review the Committee on General Scholarships webpage to see if they are eligible.  The CGS website will take you through a series of steps to see if you meet the selection criteria for any of the scholarships that are available.  Those who qualify and are interested in any of these scholarships should indicate that on our online Aid Application which will be due in February. For more information please also review our Applying for Restricted Scholarships website.

Additional Grant Opportunities for International Students from Outside Sources

Please review the information below for additional grant opportunities. These options will involve all or a portion of the application process occurring outside of the GSD.

Outside Scholarships

Students should also review the GSD Outside Scholarship website for additional grant based funding options. You can review these award opportunities at While this is a good place to start looking for awards this is by no means exhaustive. Students should also look into option within their home countries and other organizations with which they are familiar.

Alternative Loan Options for International Students

For students who need additional financial assistance to pay for their education, private alternative loans are available. Some alternative loans may require students to have a US citizen or permanent resident who is willing to serve as a loan cosigner.