All students who are applying for any Master's program (with the exception of the MDE program) and are US citizens or permanent residents are eligible to be considered for one or more of the following:

Application Procedures

To apply for aid, US citizens and permanent residents will need to complete both the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and our internal financial aid application.  Information on how to apply will be emailed out in late January.

On the FAFSA, be sure to use the federal school code E00212 which is specific to the GSD. You can fill out the FASFA anytime after October 1. You only need to provide your own information on the FAFSA.  If you wish to be considered for the higher Tier 2 grant please provide parent information on the internal application instead of the FAFSA. While the FAFSA and the internal financial aid application are all that we require initially for aid consideration, we may ask for more information at a later date.  Only the FAFSA is required for federal aid consideration. However, our international application, along with the FAFSA, are used to determine eligibility for need-based grant.

Students should also review the Committee on General Scholarships webpage to see if they are eligible for University-wide Scholarships. If you are eligible for any of these scholarships, please indicate the scholarship that you would like to be nominated for on the internal financial aid application. For more information please also review our Applying for Restricted Scholarships website.

Admitted students will be informed about their financial aid at the time of admission decisions provided they have applied by the deadline. The deadline for applicants to submit financial aid applications is February 9, 2018.

Applying for Financial Assistance has no bearing on an application for admission.