GSD Mail Center


The Mail Center is closed on Wednesday until further notice.

Delivery Days

Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays

1033 Mass. Ave deliveries at 3:30 Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays only

Please note these are target times that fluctuate due to the volume of deliveries on a given day.

Graduate School of Design Mail Center Guide

Please follow these guidelines for the best efficiency. If you have questions on these guidelines or any other mailing matters, please feel free to call the Mail Center for further information. We are happy to help!

Mail Center Coordinator: Barry Harper ([email protected])

Department Manager: Trevor O’Brien ([email protected])

Within Harvard

GSD Interoffice Mail

GSD Interoffice Mail comprises all routine pickup and delivery of department-to-department correspondence within the GSD. It also includes the delivery of incoming, and pickup for the posting of, outgoing mail. To ensure prompt delivery, place “G” for Gund and “S” for 7 Sumner Road in front of the room number.

1033 Mass Ave delivery

On occasion, The Office of the Dean, Financial Services, or Human Resources will require a special trip to Central Payroll at 1033 Mass Ave. If you have something to add to the run, call the Mail Center that morning to make arrangements. We cannot deliver large packages.

Delivery time is 3:30pm on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday.

University Mail

University Mail services are provided for mailings to all buildings within the university. Mail cannot be delivered to dormitories or students. These must be sent via USPS mail. Packages over 5 lbs. will require a special pickup arranged with HUMS.

Shipping via Express Mail Harvard University has set up a new system for sending items via Express Mail. eShipGlobal is a one-stop location for creating and printing shipping labels. After inputting the information, you will be provided quotes to find the optimum Harvard rates.

United States Postal Service (USPS)

Most outgoing mail is done through this service. The pick-up time for USPS is between 3:30 and 5:00. All mail, unless otherwise marked, is sent First Class. Services include:

  • First Class Mail: Note that mail is now shape based instead of just the weight. A letter sent in landscape format will cost less than an envelope sent vertically.
  • First Class Mail Parcel Post: Used for larger boxes or any inflexible item. Items with a stiff binding, etc. fall into this category.
  • Post Cards: Size restriction is size no more than 4 ½ by 6 inches and not smaller than 3 ½ by 5.
  • Media Mail: Used for items containing solely printed matter such as books, newspapers, catalogs, and the like.
  • Priority Mail: Used for pieces that need to be delivered expeditiously but not necessarily overnight.
  • Express Mail: Used for any overnight pieces that need to have a tracking number associated with them. It is synonymous with FedEx overnight.
  • International Mail: Always sent First Class. Postcards, letters, and large envelopes (or flats) must be rectangular, otherwise, an additional charge may apply. Additional size restrictions apply depending on the type of mail piece you’re sending. Any item 2 lbs. or over will be sent at international package rates. There is no international media mail.

All special USPS services such as certified, registered, return receipt, etc. need to be taken to the post office by the sender. This is due to USPS security regulations.

GSD Student Mail Policy

The sole purpose of the Harvard University Mail Centers is to process faculty or staff mail relating specifically to university business purposes. The Mail Center neither authorizes nor processes non-university business mail. All incoming mail not for faculty or staff business purposes will be refused upon receipt at the time of delivery. These packages will be returned to the sender immediately and will not be held in the Mail Center. Under no circumstances can mail be released from the GSD Mail Center to students. This University-wide policy is in place for the safety and security of the University as a whole.

Students wanting to have items sent to the University should check the Harvard Student Mail policies.