The Harvard International Office (HIO) will become a familiar place for you. Along with the GSD Admissions Office, which is the GSD’s liaison for international students, HIO is a centralized Harvard office that can help you decipher the complexities of immigration, working in the US, adjusting to life as an international student at Harvard and more. The GSD’s assigned advisor is Ivana Hrga-Griggs. When you arrive in the US, you should check in with your passport and visa documents at HIO.

Harvard International Office
864 Smith Center
phone: (617) 495-2789
fax: (617) 495-4088

Ivana Hrga-Griggs
(617) 496-2821
[email protected]

HIO Orientation
In addition to the GSD International Student Orientation, HIO offers weekly sessions for international students and their families. Their online Welcome Guide will help you accomplish the tasks necessary to establish yourself in the Boston/Cambridge area.

HIO offers a list of enrolled international students who have volunteered to appear as a resource for other students. Use it to find students from your country and others and don’t be shy about calling them. Speaking your own language, sharing a meal from home and talking about life in the US are important to help you adjust.

The HIO recommends checking with them before making any travel plans. This includes when you are considering traveling option studios, too. Students should only travel outside the United States if all of their documents related to US immigration status are in order.

Harvard Worldwide
To learn more about Harvard University’s global engagement, please visit the HarvardWorldwide website.