The online lottery for limited-enrollment courses will open in my.Harvard on Friday, August 20 at 5 p.m., and will remain so until Tuesday, August 31, when it will close at 10:00 a.m. You will find the lottery preferences form in my.Harvard. While the lottery is open, you will be able to add or delete your name to preliminary course “lists” for these courses.  The results of the lottery will be posted in my.Harvard later that evening.  Course videos can be viewed on the Courses page by clicking on a course's title, assuming the instructor has uploaded one.

Enrollment Selection Process

The limited-enrollment lottery will utilize a system that optimizes students' first choices over the entire population, and will employ the same system as that of the studio lottery. In the case of oversubscribed courses, enrollments will be determined based on the numbered wait-list when a student drops the course. Any prerequisites that a course may require should be clearly stated so you will know if you are eligible. Please note that you will only be allowed to select five courses via the limited-enrollment lottery. You should only select a course that you plan on enrolling in if assigned a slot.

Results of the limited-enrollment lottery (closes at 10:00 a.m. on Tuesday, August 31) will be posted in my.Harvard during the early evening of August 31, and the lists will also be distributed to instructors. Because students may successfully lottery in to more courses than they wish to attend, it is imperative that you attend the first day for those classes you wish to enroll in; otherwise, your name will be crossed off at that time and a student from the wait-list will be offered your spot, assuming they are present. Instructors should post a revised list after the first day of classes; if you decide not to enroll in a course after you attend the first class, please contact the faculty member.  Some instructors may note that you must be continually present during their class meetings in order not to have your spot offered to the first student on the waitlist.

If you do not participate in this lottery process and your name does not appear on a wait-list, you will not be considered for a course.  If you make no selections in the lottery, you can still add yourself to the end of an existing waitlist once enrollment opens (September 1).