Please see your program coordinator for up-to-date information. Information will be supplied by the Registrar in your penultimate semester.

Students may spread their final semester of courses over two terms enrolled at part-time status. If you split, you will be charged half tuition in the fall, and half tuition in the spring. The normal full-time tuition rate covers up to 28 units (Fall + Spring terms combined). Health service and insurance fees remain the same as when enrolled full-time; however, only full-time students are allowed to reside in Harvard’s residence halls.

In order to split, you must submit a Split Option Form to the Registrar’s Office in advance of the:

6th semester for MArch I
OR 4th semester for MArch I AP students

The deadline for submitting the form is set by the Registrar’s Office. Students will receive notification of the deadline and the latest policies regarding the split option from the registrar in December.

Students must indicate a desire as to whether they would like to enroll in thesis during the fall or spring semester of their split year. Please be aware that you will not be allowed to enroll in an option studio during the split year. You may take a total of 4 four-credit, non-studio courses in addition to your thesis during the entire split year.

*Please note that you must take no less than 8 units each semester in order to remain eligible for aid.

International Students

International students are required in accord with federal student visa regulations to maintain full-time student status in all but their final semester. International students who split must enroll in 16 units in their next to last semester.