Archival Policy

At the GSD, we consider the archival of thesis projects to be of vital interest to both the school and its students. Having a record of our theses in the library provides current and future students with research and design resources with which to inform their own work, as well as contributes to the longstanding history of architectural theses at the GSD.  Equally important, having a comprehensive representation of architecture theses allows the school to track, study, and celebrate the trends and types of projects that are undertaken here over time.

Students are required to submit their final project to their academic Department and to sign the release form allowing the library to archive it. The Department reserves the right to withhold student grades until students submit their thesis materials.

Submission Procedures and Deadlines

Please refer to the most current Loeb Library Standards for Thesis Submission for full and accurate procedures, file specifications and naming conventions. We strongly encourage students to include photographs of their models in their file.

Students must compile relevant thesis review materials and texts into a single PDF document to submit to your departmental office. Students who have significant video elements as part of their thesis may drop off  a USB drive, DVD, or similar to the LA/UPD Office (Gund 312).

The PDF file must include a signed Thesis Permission Cover Letter authorizing the project's archival.

All materials must be uploaded or delivered by 11:00 PM on January 20th or on May 12th for fall and spring reviews respectively.

MLA Thesis Handbook 2017-2018
MLA Thesis Handbook Appendix I – Readings
MLA Thesis Handbook Appendix II – Archiving Guidelines
MLA Thesis Handbook Appendix III – Sample Permissions Statement
MLA Thesis Handbook Appendix IV – PDF Creation Examples


MLA students must declare thesis by April 17, 2018: MLA Thesis Declaration Form

Selected MLA theses are available through HOLLIS (Harvard Library), or as hard copy in the Loeb Design Library.