The Landscape Architecture program offers students with prior experience the opportunity to pursue waivers and substitutions for various required courses.

It is a student’s responsibility to pursue exemptions in a timely manner. Waiver requests should be submitted to the instructor of record and program coordinator, along with all required supporting documentation, by no later than Friday, February 1, 2019 for the spring 2019 term. After review by the instructor of record and program director, the program coordinator will relay their decisions back to the students. Those who are approved will be instructed to pick-up their signed petitions from the department office and submit them to Student Services (Gund 422).

Note: Waiving a course does not reduce the total number of units required for graduation.


If you believe you have already taken coursework that might qualify you to waive out of any required course, you must submit the following as a single PDF:

  1. Complete a Petition to Waive/Substitute  for the instructor of record to review
  2. Syllabus and examples of previous course work
  3. Official transcript with a grade of B or above



If a course is waived, the instructor of record in consultation with the program director and the student will determine if a substitution will be will required, and which class will satisfy the substituted requirement. If a substitution is not required then the student may choose a free elective.

Petition to Substitute Alternate Course for a Distributional Elective