The Finance Office processes all GSD expenses including:

  1. Invoices
  2. Employee Reimbursements
  3. Non-Employee Reimbursements
  4. Corporate Card
  5. PCard

For general questions, contact Heather Gallagher  (617) 495-4115.

Commonly Used Forms

Non-Employee Reimbursement Form (pdf)
Domestic Wire Transfer Form (pdf)
Foreign Wire Transfer Form (pdf)
Missing Receipt Affidavit Form (pdf)
Request for Payment to Department of Homeland Security
Deposit, Pre-Payment, Enclosure, and Special Mailing
Departmental Check Delivery
In Lieu of Invoice Form
Emergency Check Pickup Form
University Standard Payment Terms and Change Requests

Glacier (Setting up Non U.S. Citizens as vendors)


Travel and Reimbursements

Business Expense and Reimbursement Policies to Faculty FY20 (pdf)
Business Expense and Reimbursement Policies to Staff FY20 (pdf)
GSD Expense Reimbursement and Corporate Card Process (word)
Travel and Expense Policy – Summary (pdf)
Travel and Expense Policy – Complete (pdf)
GSD Travel Policies to Faculty FY20 (pdf)
GSD Travel Policies to Staff FY20 (pdf)
University Expense Reimbursement Policy Memo (word)
Electronic Receipts Requirement (pdf)
Per Diem Rates – Domestic
Per Diem Rates – International
Currency Exchange Rates
Mileage Reimbursement Rate

Invoices, Accounts Payable

GSD Invoice Payment Policy and Procedures (word)
GSD Expense Object Codes (excel)
GSD Performer General Information on Massachusetts Withholding (pdf)
Financial Job Aids Master List
Harvard Training Portal – HCOM Training and Webinars

Purchasing Card

PCard Online Training
Responsibilities of Purchasers, Preparers and Approvers for Financial Transactions (ROPPA) Training
Harvard University PCard Policy (pdf)
PCard Application (pdf)

Corporate Card

Corporate Card Policy at GSD (word)

Vendors and Procurement

New Vendor Request Instructions (pdf)
Procurement Management Department (offsite)
Insurance Department (offsite)


Contracts and Agreements Policy (excel)

GSD Student Organizations

Financial Management of GSD Student Organizations (word)

University Financial Services Contact Info

UFS Department


Accounts Payable (617) 495-8500
Corporate Card (617) 495-7760
Eugencia (617) 495-8500
GLACIER – Nonresident Alien Tax Compliance (617) 495-8500
Payroll – General (617) 495-8500
Payroll – Absence, Time & Labor (617) 495-8500
Payroll – Quick Hire/Self Service Training Eperformance/Benefits (617) 495-8500
PCard Administration (617) 495-7760
Reimbursements (617) 495-7760
ShuttlePro n/a
Vendor Setup (617) 495-8500