If you know or suspect you have a physical, learning and/or psychological disability, you will want to get in touch with the Dean of Students, Laura Snowdon. You are encouraged to do this as early as possible to allow for any preparation that must take place before the semester begins. For most conditions, documentation should include a clinical assessment of your disability as well as any recommended accommodations at the GSD. (In the event that the documentation is not adequate, you will be asked for further documentation or testing.) Laura can also advise you about additional resources at the University. Accommodations must be arranged in advance. If you are unable to take an examination at a scheduled time due to a documented disability, contact Laura as soon as the need is apparent to discuss make-up examination accommodations and procedures. If you suspect that a previously undiagnosed disability exists or is developing, she can refer you to resources at Harvard, such as University Health Services, and/or outside resources.

Laura Snowdon
Dean of Students & Coordinator for Students with Disabilities
(617) 496-1236

Temporary Disability
If you are injured or recovering from surgery and need temporary transportation to and from the GSD, contact Kelly Wisnaskas, the GSD's liaison to Harvard's Transportation Office, which oversees the Accessible Van Service. She can help make transportation arrangements, but she will need to see documentation from a physician regarding the nature of your physical impairment and an estimate of your recovery time.

Kelly Wisnaskas
(617) 496-8306