Graduate School of Design student transcripts are maintained permanently in the Office of Student Services.

In order to request an Official Transcript fully fill out and sign a Document Request Form.

The preferred method of submission is a high-resolution scan or picture emailed to the: Office of the Registrar

You may also place the completed form in the Document Drop Box outside of the Student Services Office, or send a physical copy via mail or fax.

Harvard University Graduate School of Design
Office of the Registrar
48 Quincy Street, Gund 422
Cambridge, MA 02138

Fax: (617) 495-8949

While an original copy is not required, the Registrar must have your signature in order to process your request.


For expedited FedEx mail please follow the instructions in the Expediting a Document Request section:

Transcripts that are intended for the student will be stamped “Issued to Student.”

Official transcripts will not be provided for graduates who owe the university more than $500.

The Office of Student Services may issue copies of GSD transcripts only. Your GSD transcript will include any cross-registration courses you may have taken during your time as a degree-seeking student. Transcripts from other institutions that we may have on file from the admissions process will not be copied, faxed, or scanned – you must send a transcript request to those other institutions.

It is against Harvard Graduate School of Design policy to scan or fax these documents. If you are a current student you can access and print your unofficial transcript by logging into your my.Harvard account.

All your Harvard University privileges and accesses will be lost the day after you graduate (no matter the Graduation Term), so make sure to print or save unofficial transcripts before graduation.  If you are no longer a student at the GSD, you can only request an official paper copy. Once in your possession, you may choose to scan or fax the transcript at your own discretion. Note that scanning or faxing your Official Transcript, along with breaking the seal of the envelope, will render the transcript as “Unofficial”. As a strict policy the Student Services team will not scan your official transcript.

Expediting a Document Request
Rush Order: By requesting a Rush Order your Official Transcript will be processed within 24 hours after the receipt of your signed request, as long as the Document Request Form was received before 2pm. If you wish to have your document(s) mailed, the rush service does not include shipping time. A Rush Order will incur a $5 fee, which can be paid in cash or check (payable to Harvard University). The fee can be paid in-person or sent in the mail. We do not have to have payment on hand in order to process a Rush Order but we will expect payment in the mail.
Expedited Shipping: All documents are sent from our office via regular First Class mail with no charge to the requester. If you would like your document(s) to be sent via expedited mail please select the FedEx option. To obtain a FedEx shipping label for your documents visit UEMS:

Note: even though UEMS offers other mailing alternatives please use FedEx !

Make sure to select the correct office or we will not receive the shipping label.
First select Harvard University  ->  then “GSD – Registrars Office.”

Verify that the sender’s address is:

Harvard University
GSD – Registrars Office
48 Quincy Street
Gund Hall 422
Cambridge, MA 02138
United States

Instructions for Notarizing Documents
If you need our office to notarize a document, please submit a filled out Document Request Form and payment for notarization. There is a $5.00 fee for notary services which must be paid by cash or check (payable to Harvard University) before we can process your request. If you need a copy of your diploma notarized, please send a high-resolution scan, picture or copy along with your Document Request Form.

Instructions for Obtaining an Apostille
Students who are working abroad may need to obtain an Apostille for their documents. To obtain an Apostille please submit a filled out Document Request Form, the notarization fee described above to our office, a short letter explaining why you need an apostille and what country it will be used in, a $6.00 apostille fee (payable to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts), and a self-addressed and paid envelope where you apostilled document(s) will be sent to. If you are not in the area we will forward all your documents to the Public Records Division. If you are local you can pick up your notarized documents from our office for in-person apostille processing.

Please review the instructions on the Public Records Division website to ensure proper delivery and payment.