Traveling Fellowships

The Committee on General Scholarships (CGS) invites applications from Harvard GSD students for the following traveling fellowship opportunities available during the academic year.  Despite the current COVID situation, CGS is proceeding with this competition for the upcoming year.  The committee meets in April to make the awards, and will reach out then if there are any updates to announce.

Kennedy, Knox, and Sheldon Traveling Fellowships

The application process for these fellowships is completed in stages, which are described below next to the appropriate dates. The beginning initial deadline is Friday, November 12, 2021.  Students who do not meet this first deadline will not be eligible to enter the competition later.  Late applications will not be accepted.  In addition to the GSD-specific timeline listed below, be sure to review the official instructions, under Guidelines for Master's students.  Students are encouraged to review eligibility for each specific fellowship before applying.  Be sure to plan ahead for requesting transcripts and letters of recommendation.  Students will submit their application through FAS' Centralized Application for Research and Travel (CARAT link is contained in the application).  All materials will need to be submitted through that system.  For any questions about the GSD timeline, please contact Keith Gnoza at

The schedule is as follows:

November 12, 2021: Applicants must submit, by email (, PDFs of the following items:

  • A cover letter indicating your name, program at the GSD, and name of Fellowship you are applying for, destination, project period, and the two names of individuals who will be providing letters of reference on your behalf (at least one should be a Harvard faculty member). The actual reference letters are not needed until the final deadline.
  • A draft of your proposal, which includes your project summary, project budget, and timeline that utilizes the length of time specified in the guidelines.  Submitted materials will be reviewed by select GSD faculty.  Please review the fellowship instructions for descriptions about the sections of your proposal.  Even at this early stage, your proposal should be thoughtfully presented.  If your proposal is not well established, faculty may not have enough information on which to base their input.  Applicants will receive an email confirming receipt of their materials.

December 14, 2021: Approximate date applicants will receive feedback following faculty review. Feedback will include comments and suggestions for improvement if the committee feels the application should proceed to the final phase.

January 10, 2022: Online application and all supplemental materials must be submitted by students through CARAT (see application guidelines).   Please review their instructions for all required materials. The specific date will be announced once it is available.

April, 2022: Decisions will be announced.


  • Be sure to allow enough time to request academic transcripts from the GSD and other graduate schools you have attended, if applicable.
  • Give recommenders ample notice to allow time for writing letters of recommendation. You may also want to provide them with a copy of your proposal to review.

Complete applications will be reviewed, approved, and ranked for submission to the Committee on General Scholarships (CGS). Rankings will, in-part, be used to determine which applications will be submitted to the final review committee at CGS.  In prior years, CGS has limited the number of student applications to between three and four from the GSD. CGS will consider our student applications along with student applications from other schools at Harvard.