The summer flex schedule provides full-time GSD staff members the option, with approval from their supervisors, to work the equivalent of a regular five-day workweek in a four-day workweek.  Please note that not all departments will be able to offer this option as it needs to be suitable to the department’s business needs.

Please review the following flextime guidelines to understand the 2023 parameters of the program:

  • Summer flextime begins Monday, June 5th and ends of Friday, August 18th;
  • Exempt staff are expected to work the number of hours necessary to fulfill their responsibilities and, therefore, should work at least 35-40 hours per week within four days; non-exempt staff are expected to work their 35 hours in 4 days,  or their standard number of hours if it is different from 35;
  • You may not be able to take the same day off each week, depending on the needs of your department;
  • In case of illness/emergency of another staff member in your department, your supervisor may request that you adjust your schedule;
  • Flextime does not apply during the week in which a University holiday occurs;
  • If you take a vacation day, flextime does not apply for the week in which that day was taken;
  • If you take a sick day, you and your supervisor must discuss necessary schedule modifications for that week;
  • Salaries remain the same since total hours worked do not change.

Supervisors must submit a summer schedule for each participating staff member by Friday, May 19th, to Human Resources.  Please email your summer schedules to Mychelle Muliro at [email protected].  Any modifications to a schedule must be requested, in writing, at least one week in advance and submitted to both the supervisor and Human Resources.