Proudly announcing this year’s faculty appointments and promotions

The Harvard Graduate School of Design is happy to announce those faculty who have been appointed or promoted to new positions at the School for the 2019-2020 academic year.

Jennifer Bonner promoted to Associate Professor of Architecture

Jennifer Bonner founded MALL, a creative practice for art and architecture, in 2009. MALL is interested in an intellectual project and is committed to projects that re-appropriate history, hack typologies, reference cultural events, and invent representation. By engaging “ordinary architecture” such as gable roofs and everyday materials, MALL playfully reimagines architecture in the field.

Sean Canty appointed Assistant Professor of Architecture

Sean Canty, the principal of Studio SC, focuses his research on architectural type and geometry. Referencing the conceptual approach of the picturesque, he explores the interrelationships between the interior, the building envelope and public space. His recent projects investigate abstract figures and transformed volumes that confound predictable readings of space. Sean is also one of the founding principals of Office III, an experimental architectural collective based in New York , San Francisco, and Cambridge.

Michelle Chang appointed Assistant Professor of Architecture

Michelle Chang directs JaJa Co and teaches architectural design. Her design work experiments with the overlaps between and among film, installation, music, teaching, and building. In her research, Chang studies the techniques and histories of architectural representation. Specifically, she investigates how optics, digital media, and modes of cultural production influence translations between design and building.

Elizabeth Christoforetti appointed Assistant Professor in Practice of Architecture

Elizabeth Bowie Christoforetti is founding principal at Supernormal, an architecture, urban design, and research practice focused on the design of form and processes that balance contextual and cultural relevance with the contemporary imperative to scale beyond a single instance, and to reach more people and urban places. Her practice explores the deep cultural, typological, and process-based implications of scalable systems in late capitalism and was founded as a home for research in practice that bridges the analytic, critical design, and theoretical capacities required to create meaningful design outcomes in the 21st-century world.

Gareth Doherty promoted to Associate Professor of Landscape Architecture

Gareth Doherty’s research and teaching focus on the intersections between landscape architecture and anthropology. Doherty’s recent research projects have centered on landscape-related practices at various sites across the postcolonial and Islamic worlds, specifically in the Arabian peninsula, West Africa, and Latin America and the Caribbean.

Craig Douglas appointed Assistant Professor of Landscape Architecture

Craig Douglas is a landscape architect and scholar whose work focuses on innovative techniques and methodologies that explore the agency of representation in landscape architectural design. The approach supports informed and innovative responses to the challenges found at the nexus of the social, ecological and built environment that embrace the spatial, temporal and material complexity of the landscape.

Edward Eigen appointed Senior Lecturer in the History of Landscape and Architecture

A historian of the long nineteenth century, in the European and Anglo-American contexts, Ed Eigen‘s research and teaching focus on relationships in and between humanistic and scholarly traditions and the natural sciences and allied practices of knowledge production.

His writings have ranged from questions of botanical and zoological systematics, the creation and loss of great and not so great museums and libraries, the history of the weather, and acts of plagiarism in the founding documents of architecture theory. All of these studies engage in questions of historical narrative and the species of evidence upon which it depends and/or invents along the way.

Ann Forsyth named Ruth and Frank Stanton Professor of Urban Planning

Trained in planning and architecture, Ann Forsyth works mainly on the social aspects of physical planning and urban development. The big issue behind her research and practice is how to make more sustainable and healthy cities. Forsyth’s current research focuses on developing healthier places in a suburbanizing world, with overlapping emphases on aging and planned communities.

Jenny French appointed Assistant Professor in Practice of Architecture

Jenny French is founding partner of French 2D, an architecture studio based in Boston. The studio’s work balances formal exploration and participatory design in residential, commercial, and experimental projects. French 2D’s work on housing and mixed-use projects combines ideas of domesticity with more radical organizations and typologies.

French 2D also works on civic installations, interactive exhibitions, and objects that bring people together around familiar rituals with unfamiliar rules of engagement. These projects include dinner party happenings, curious tea sets, building-scale drawings, and super-graphic dresses.

Andrew Holder promoted to Associate Professor of Architecture

Andrew Holder is an educator, occasional author, and co-principal of the The LADG. His research interests include the construction of architecture as an inanimate subject as well as novel methods of engaging historical precedent and the production of complex form in a post-digital discipline.

Jungyoon Kim appointed Assistant Professor in Practice of Landscape Architecture

Jungyoon Kim is principal at PARKKIM, which she founded in Rotterdam alongside Yoon-Jin Park upon their winning of Chichi Earthquake Memorial International Competition in Taiwan (2004). The firm relocated to Seoul in 2006.

Kim has an interest in exploring what she defines as “the relationship of ‘nature vs. artefacts,’” toward a new notion of “wilderness” as a counterpart to urbanism, which she is doing through a series of option studios at the GSD.

David Moreno Mateos appointed Assistant Professor of Landscape Architecture

David Moreno Mateos is a restoration ecologist at the Basque Center for Climate change – BC3 (Basque Country, Spain) appointed by the Ikerbasque Foundation. He studies ecosystem recovery after anthropogenic disturbances with especial emphasis on wetlands and forests. He aims to understand patterns of recovery of complex ecosystem attributes (e.g. stability) emerging from organism interactions. In his research, he uses empirical field-collected data and meta-analyses to understand and accelerate the processes of ecosystem recovery in the context of restoration.

Jacob Reidel appointed Assistant Professor in Practice of Architecture

Jacob Reidel is an architect, editor, and writer whose work examines the history of architectural practice and seeks to redesign the way architecture is practiced today.

Jacob is currently a Senior Director at WeWork, a startup disrupting conventional architectural practice and the commercial real estate industry in more than 100 cities globally. At WeWork he is responsible for Design, Build, and Operate services tailored to the company’s growing number of Enterprise clients. Jacob is a licensed architect in New York and an alum of Ennead Architects and REX

Belinda Tato appointed Associate Professor in Practice of Landscape Architecture

Alongside Jose Luis Vallejo, Belinda Tato is a founding member of ecosistema urbano, a Madrid based group of architects and urban designers operating within the fields of urbanism, architecture, engineering, and sociology. Vallejo and Tato define their approach as urban social design, by which they understand the design of environments, spaces and dynamics in order to improve the self-organization of citizens, social interaction within communities and their relationship with the environment. Ecosistema urbano has used this philosophy to design and implement projects in Norway, Denmark, Spain, Italy, France, and China.

Carole Voulgaris appointed Assistant Professor of Urban Planning and Design

Carole Voulgaris‘s research focuses on explaining what influences individuals’ and households’ decisions on how to travel through cities, and how transportation planning institutions use information about those decisions to inform plans, policies, and infrastructure designs. She is particularly interested in the development and use of quantitative metrics to describe complex characteristics of the built environment, particularly those believed to influence travel behavior.

Andrew Witt appointed Associate Professor in Practice of Architecture

Andrew Witt is co-founder, with Tobias Nolte, of Certain Measures, a Boston- and Berlin-based design futures and technology studio that combines imagination and evidence for systemic and scalable approaches to spatial problems. The practice develops, licenses, and joint ventures around design futures, spatial analysis, machine vision, and geometric optimization. Their clients include Audi, BMW, Futurium (the German federal museum of the future), and the Dubai Futures Foundation.