In 1915, through its president Mr. R. C. Sturgis, the American Institute of Architects offered the university a medal to be awarded each year upon nomination by the faculty in the Department of Architecture to the graduate of the professional degree program in architecture (MArch I) who has shown the highest average of excellence throughout the course of study in the program. The award is given for “general excellence in architecture throughout the four-year course to graduating students of architecture schools recognized by the Institute.”

Previous Winners
2024: Kristine Chung
2023: Kaitlynn Long
2022: Edward Wang
2021: Hannah Hoyt
2020: Ian Miley
2019: Emily Ashby
2018: Alexander Porter
2017: Benjamin Halpern
2016: Nancy Nichols
2015: Meng Li and Yun Fu
2014: W. Gavin Robb
2013: Caroline Shannon
2012: Carl D’Apolito-Dworkin
2011: Kevin Hirth
2010: Nathan Fash
2009: Elizabeth Christoforetti
2008: Behrang Behin
2007: Andrew Jonathan Witt
2006: Joel DuWayne Lamere
2005: Daniel Sewall Adams
2004: Jason Halaby
2003: Bryan Young
2002: Simeon Seigel
2001: Jonathan Ramsey
2000: Jeannie Kim
1999: Sven Schroeter
1998: Sze Tsung Leong
1997: Francisco Rodriguez
1996: Paige Rodriguez
1995: Shaun Donovan

Nicole Lasko, Department of Architecture Program Manager