This medal is awarded to a graduating student from a school of architecture who “has shown an ability for leadership, performed willing service for his/her school and department and gives promise of real professional merit through attitude and personality.” The medal is given by Alpha Rho Chi, the national professional architectural fraternity, “to encourage professional leadership by rewarding student accomplishment, to promote the ideals of professional merit by commending qualities in the student which do not necessarily pertain to scholarship.”

Previous Winners
2024: Oluwatosin Odugbemi Hoskins
2023: Daniel Haidermota and Leonard Palmer
2022: Omotara Oluwafemi
2021: Kofi Akakpo
2020: Milos Mladenovic
2019: Julia Roberts
2018: Rekha Auguste-Nelson
2017: Dana McKinney
2016: Alex Timmer
2015: Nate Imai
2014: Alexander Watchman
2013: Lian Chang and Michael Smith
2012: Victoria Wolcott
2011: Andrew Bryan and Laura Viklund
2010: Jonathan Evans and Andrew Lantz
2009: Yaw DK Osseo-Asare
2008: Sondra Danielle Fein and Alyson Barry Rogers Tanguay
2007: Sarah Jacoby and Ying Zhou
2006: Laura Christina Crescimano
2005: Jonathan Sinclair Lott
2004: Amy Sheehan
2003: Carlos Arnaiz
2002: Elisa Silva
2001: Clare Montgomery Robinson
2000: Hunter Tura
1999: Eva Chiu
1998: Jay Berman
1997: Gretchen Schneider
1996: George Takoudes
1995: Mark Strong

Nicole Lasko, Department of Architecture Program Manager