Awarded By

Architecture Department


This award is granted by the recommendation of the Architecture faculty and awarded to one student in both the MArch I and MArch II programs. The award is given in recognition of significant achievement throughout the relevant program's design sequence.

Nature of Award

Type of award:
Honors (medal, certificate, book, trophy, etc)

Full description of award:
Certificate, book

Number Available

2 (1 each MArch I and MArch II)


General restrictions:

  • Must be Harvard student
  • Must be GSD student
  • Specific degree/program (see below)

Full description of eligibility restrictions:
Graduating MArch students


Portfolio: For MArch I and MArch II the portfolio can include any and all design work completed at the GSD.

Portfolios should be submitted by Sunday, May 13.

Basis of Award

Significant design achievement


Sunday, May 13

When Awarded



Architecture Dept (Rm 207)

Previous Winners Include:

2018: Belle Verwaay (MArch I)
Beijia Gu (MArch II)
2017: Evan Farley (MArch I)
Zach Matthew (MArch II)
2016: Iman Fayyad (MArch I)
Sofia Blanco Santos (MArch II)
2015:  Ben Ruswick (MArch I)
Nelson Byun (MArch II)
2014:  Jennifer Ly (MArch I) and Max Wong (MArch I)
Jose Mayoral Moratilla (MArch II)
2013:  Drew Cowdrey (MArch I)
Alberto Montesinos (MArch II)
2012:  Jeremy Jih (MArch I) and Stephanie Lin (MArch I)
Bosuk Hur (MArch II)
2011:  Kevin Hirth (MArch I)
Sandra Herrera (MArch II)
2010:  Brett Albert (MArch I)
Haohao Zhu (MArch II)
2009:  Frederick Ortner (MArch I)
Seung Teak Lee (MArch II)
2008:  Yusun Kwon (MArch I)
Richard Hyun-Soo Kim (MArch II)
Saverio Panata (MArch II)
2007: Julie Hui-Guang Kaufman (MArch I)
Russel David Crader II (MArch II)
2006: Lick Fai Ho ( MArch I)
Richard Lam (MArch I)
Zhou Xu (MArch II)
2005: William G. O'Brian, Jr. (MArch I)
Geoffrey Davin von Oeyen (MArch I)
Jason Kamlukin Frantzen (MArch II)
2004: Jason Halaby (MArch I)
Tiffany Lin (MArch II)
2003: Leonard Ng (MArch I)
Ivan Rupnik (MArch II)
2002: Cecilia Tham (MArch I)
David Hill (MArch II)
2001: Lucia Allais (MArch I)
2000: Jeannie Kim (MArch I)
Carlos Bautista (MArch II)
1999: Elizabeth Whittaker (MArch I)
Matteo Scagnol (MArch II)
1998: Sze Tsung Leong (MArch I)
Philip Photiadis (MArch II)
1997: David Bae (MArch I)
Felice Grodin (MArch II)
1996: Erik Mott (MArch I)
Yoshiko Sato (MArch II)
1995: Warren Techentin (MArch I)
Jennifer Beattie & Mark Donohue (MArch II)