The program offers two MArch I or MArch I AP students the unique opportunity to study Architecture at one of the leading European Architecture Schools located in Zurich, Switzerland. Participants will be able to choose studio critics from among ETH’s internationally renowned faculty and visiting professors, and additionally enroll in ETH’s wide variety of lecture courses and seminars. For more details regarding ETH’s offerings, please refer to the official ETH bulletin.


The exchange program is open to MArch I and MArch I AP students who will be entering their 4th or 6th semester in Spring of that year.

Preconditions for Application

Excellent academic standing.

Some knowledge of German would be helpful since most of the technical classes and lecture courses are taught in German. Tutors will be available to assist with translations if necessary. Please note that some courses are taught in English.

Students should double check their program requirements and the timing of any remaining required courses before applying to the program. It is important that students have a clear understanding of how this program may affect their degree progress. The guidelines below are relevant to students following the current recommended course sequence for MArch Is:

  • For 4th (currently 3rd) semester students, the studio at ETH will fulfill the requirement for the fourth semester Architecture Core Studio. In order to satisfy the rest of the current 4th semester curriculum, students who attend the program should plan to enroll in SCI 6123 during their 6th semester (if they have not already taken this course). Students should also take their Digital Media and/or final BTC required course in their 5th semester if they have not already completed those requirements.
  • For 6th (currently 5th) semester students, the studio option in Zurich will fulfill the requirement for one GSD studio option. In order to satisfy the remaining 6th semester curriculum, students who attend the program should plan to complete an appropriate thesis prep course pre-approved by the department.

Student Status for the Spring Semester

Students who participate in the ETH Zurich Exchange Program maintain their full-time matriculation status at the GSD during the Spring term. As such, normal GSD tuition rates apply to the semester abroad. Students who receive financial aid will get the same aid while in the program. Please note that an external award may have restrictions on usage. The ETH Zurich provides a stipend to assist with living expenses (amount TBD).

Application Materials

  • Letter of intent/motivation
  • Portfolio (print or pdf format)
  • Indication of German language skills


The submission deadline for Spring 2023 is Friday, September 30th at 9am ET. Please see email from Nicole Lasko for further submission requirements.


A jury of Architecture Faculty will make the selection based on the overall merits of the applicants.