Awarded By

Boston Society of Architects


This prize is offered by the Boston Society of Architects, a chapter of the AIA. Upon nomination by the Architecture faculty, it is awarded annually for the best final design project submitted by an MArch degree candidate. MArch I and MArch II students who complete a thesis and receive a grade of Distinction or High Pass for their final thesis project are eligible to be nominated by their thesis advisor. Graduating MArch II students who do not complete a thesis must be nominated by their final studio instructor.

Nature of Award

Type of award:

  • Honors (medal, certificate, book, trophy, etc)
  • Exhibition, publication, or other display of work

Full description of award:

Certificate, letter, gallery exhibition

Number Available

1-2 per program


Graduating MArch students


MArch I/MArch II Thesis Students: Students who receive a grade of High Pass or Distinction on their thesis project are eligible to be nominated by their thesis advisor. The final thesis submission from these students is reviewed and voted upon by the department faculty.

MArch II Option Studio Students: Students who receive a grade of High Pass or Distinction on their final option studio project are eligible to be nominated by their option studio instructor. Nominated students are contacted by the department and asked to submit their final design project. The deadline for submission of these materials will be in May (further submission details will be communicated to nominated students by the Program Coordinator).

A deciding vote will be made at the final departmental meeting of the academic year  and winning students will be personally notified at the close of the meeting and shortly thereafter contacted by the Exhibitions office to prepare an exhibit. Winners will be publicly announced and awarded during the GSD Class Day awards ceremony.

Basis of Award

Best thesis or final design project

When Awarded

GSD Commencement ceremony


Nicole Lasko, Architecture Program Manager

Previous Winners

2023: MArch I,  Jacqueline Wong
MArch II, Deok Kyu Chung
2022: MArch I, Qin Ye Chen and Isaac Pollan
MArch II, Remi McClain
2021: MArch I, Calvin Boyd and Shaina Yang
MArch II, Yuming Feng
2020: MArch I, Ian Miley
MArch II, Anna Goga
2019: MArch I, Morgan Starkey
MArch II, Aimilios Devlantis Lo
2018: MArch I, Hyojin Kwon
MArch II, Scarlet Ziwei Song
2017: MArch I, Jonathan Rieke
MArch II, Zahra Safaverdi
2016: MArch I, Joshua Feldman
MArch II, Sofia Blanco Santos and Caio Barboza
2015: MArch I, Meng Li
MArch II, Chloe Brunner
2014: MArch I, Linda Zhang
MArch II, Yaohua Wang
2013: MArch I, James Leng
MArch II, Mariano Gomez Luque
2012: MArch I, Ben Brady
MArch II, Yarinda Bunnag and Mark Rukamathu
2011: MArch I, Gregory Tran
MArch II, Etien Santiago
2010: MArch I, Megan Panzano
MArch II, Nicolas Fayad
2009: MArch I, Maja Paklar
MArch II, Jennifer Bonner
2008: Behrang Behin
2007: Andrew Wells Baccon
2006: Richard Lam
2005: Daniel Sewall Adams
2004: Jason Halaby
2003: Angus Eade, Bryan Young
2002: Christian CV Alba
2001: Steven Lee
2000: Thomas Robinson
1999: Michael Samra, Maiya Dos and Lindsay Smith
1998: Leekyung Han, Alexandra Barker
1997: Matthew Littell
1996: Eric Bunge
1995: Daniel Castor, Paul Yuen