This prize is offered by the Boston Society of Architects, a chapter of the AIA. Upon nomination by the Architecture faculty, it is awarded annually for the best final design project submitted by an MArch degree candidate. MArch I and MArch II students who complete a thesis and receive a grade of Distinction or High Pass for their final thesis project are eligible to be nominated by their thesis advisor. Graduating MArch II students who do not complete a thesis must be nominated by their final studio instructor.

Previous Winners

2023: MArch I,  Jacqueline Wong
MArch II, Deok Kyu Chung
2022: MArch I, Qin Ye Chen and Isaac Pollan
MArch II, Remi McClain
2021: MArch I, Calvin Boyd and Shaina Yang
MArch II, Yuming Feng
2020: MArch I, Ian Miley
MArch II, Anna Goga
2019: MArch I, Morgan Starkey
MArch II, Aimilios Devlantis Lo
2018: MArch I, Hyojin Kwon
MArch II, Scarlet Ziwei Song
2017: MArch I, Jonathan Rieke
MArch II, Zahra Safaverdi
2016: MArch I, Joshua Feldman
MArch II, Sofia Blanco Santos and Caio Barboza
2015: MArch I, Meng Li
MArch II, Chloe Brunner
2014: MArch I, Linda Zhang
MArch II, Yaohua Wang
2013: MArch I, James Leng
MArch II, Mariano Gomez Luque
2012: MArch I, Ben Brady
MArch II, Yarinda Bunnag and Mark Rukamathu
2011: MArch I, Gregory Tran
MArch II, Etien Santiago
2010: MArch I, Megan Panzano
MArch II, Nicolas Fayad
2009: MArch I, Maja Paklar
MArch II, Jennifer Bonner
2008: Behrang Behin
2007: Andrew Wells Baccon
2006: Richard Lam
2005: Daniel Sewall Adams
2004: Jason Halaby
2003: Angus Eade, Bryan Young
2002: Christian CV Alba
2001: Steven Lee
2000: Thomas Robinson
1999: Michael Samra, Maiya Dos and Lindsay Smith
1998: Leekyung Han, Alexandra Barker
1997: Matthew Littell
1996: Eric Bunge
1995: Daniel Castor, Paul Yuen

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