The Julia A. Appleton Traveling Fellowship in Architecture was established in 1906 from a gift given to the President and Fellows of Harvard College by Charles F. McKim of New York City. This gift was made as a permanent foundation for a traveling fellowship in architecture to be called, in memory of his wife, the Julia Amory Appleton Traveling Fellowship in Architecture.

The fellowship is granted annually to one graduating architecture student and is open to both MArch I and MArch II students. The fellowship is approximately $40,000 and is to be used for travel and study. The fellowship is awarded based on academic record at the GSD, travel proposal, and a portfolio of work done at the GSD.

Previous Winners

2023: Tracy Yijia Tang
2022: Edda Steingrimsdottir
2021: Hannah Hoyt
2020: Radu-Remus Macovei
2019: David Solomon
2018: Elias Logan
2017: Benjamin Halpern
2016: John Kirsimagi
2015: Jessie Wilcox
2014: Joanna Rodriguez-Noyola
2013: Caroline Shannon
2012: Cara Liberatore
2011: Jenny French
2010: Erin Kasimow
2009: Lisa Haber-Thomson
2008: Sondra Danielle Fein
2007: Anna Aleksandrovna Neimark
2006: Laura Christina Crescimano
2005: Aziza Chaouni
2004: Jeannette Kuo, Scott Snyder
2003: Susi Sanchez, Ivan Rupnik
2002: David Hill
2001: David Goodman
2000: Sandy Attia
1999: Matteo Scagnol
1998: Michelle Tarsney
1997: Francisco Rodriguez
1996: John Hong
1995: Simon Hsu

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