Each year, Kohn Pedersen Fox presents three $10,000 awards to students who are in their penultimate year at one of the twenty-six design schools with whom KPF has chosen to partner. The goal of the award is to allow students to broaden their education through a summer of travel before their final year at school.


1. Any MArch I, MArch I AP, or MArch II student in their penultimate year.

Submission Requirements

1. A portfolio of fifteen one-sided pages at 11” x 17” or smaller, in a binding.
2. All work should be executed by the student alone. No work executed in an office—unless it has been designed and drawn solely by the student—should be included.
3. The first page will be a one sided 8 ½” x 11”sheet with the applicant’s name, address, e-mail address, telephone number, school attending and signature of the dean. This page should contain a statement of the student’s travel itinerary and the rationale for these travel plans. It should be easily detachable and should be the only page with any personal or identifiable information about the applicant.
4. The submission deadline is 2PM in March 9, 2018. Students will receive communication from the department with specific information.


1. The jury will consist of two principals of KPF and three outside critics. The judging will take place at KPF during the month of April.
2. All students submitting a portfolio will be informed of the results of the jury’s decision as soon as possible.
3. All portfolios except the winning portfolios will be returned to the dean’s office of the candidate’s school by first class mail. The winning portfolios will be retained by KPF.


1. The fellows are encouraged to complete their travel during the summer of the year of the award. They are required to complete the trip within one year of the announcement of the award.
2. A check for $8,000 will be sent to the fellows two weeks after the awarding of the scholarship.
3. Fellows are required to submit to KPF, within 2 months of completion of their travel, a report including the student’s reason for travel, the places visited, and the lessons learned. Visual material, either photographs or drawings or both, should be included. The format and size of the report is entirely at the student’s discretion.
4. Upon KPF’s receipt of the report, an additional check for $2,000 will be sent to the fellow.