Leon Batista Alberti and Italian Renaissance: Architecture, Painting, and Sculpture 1400-1520

This course explores selected aspects of the writings and works of Leon Battista Alberti (1404-1472), seeking to place these in their historical and cultural contexts. During the first half of the semester, weekly lectures will examine selected themes or topics in-depth. At the same time, students will pursue independent study in order to familiarize themselves with all of Alberti\’s works, both built and written. This survey knowledge will be tested in a midterm examination. During the second half of the semester participants will present seminar reports; these will be formal presentations with slides of 45-minutes duration, leaving time for discussion after each. The seminar report will then be developed into a term paper of 20 pages, with endnotes, bibliography, and illustrations, due in the final exam period. For more information please visit: http://gsdcourses.harvard.edu/4402