Nano Micro Macro: Adaptive Material Laboratory (with SEAS)

This course is an interdisciplinary platform for designers, engineers, and scientists to interact and develop innovative new products. The course introduces ideas-to-innovation processes in a hands-on, project/product-focused manner that balances design and engineering concepts with promising, real-world opportunities. Switching back and forth between guided discovery and focused development, between bottom-up and top-down thinking, and market analyses, the course helps students establish generalizable frameworks as researchers and innovators with a focus on new and emerging technologies. Students will conduct part of their work in the Wyss Institute or SEAS science labs on Oxford Street as well as in the GSD FabLab at Gund Hall. 

Note: For MDE students, this course can satisfy a GSD course requirement by enrolling in SCI 6477, or a SEAS course requirement by enrolling in ES 291. However, it cannot simultaneously satisfy both requirements. 

Prerequisites: None.