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In each episode of Design Now—the Harvard Graduate School of Design’s quarterly podcast—faculty, researchers, alumni, and students engage in dialogue on a single topic of global significance. Episodes on the climate crisis, social justice, public health, housing, technology, urbanization, and transportation present new research on design thinking and practice, and illuminate the many, sometimes unexpected, ways in which design is engaged in questions of global politics, culture, and society.


How designers are tackling climate change with restoration ecology, food sovereignty, and sewage.

Featuring Seth Denizen, Martha Schwartz, Adriana David, David Moreno Mateos, Montserrat Bonvehi Rosich

December 2021

Design Now Episode 2 Public Health graphic

Public Health, the Pandemic, and Beyond

Featuring Elvis Garcia, Ann Forsyth, Jill Desimini, Emi Kiyota

February 2022


Design Now Episode 3 Social Justice LogoDesigning for Social Justice

Featuring Rahul Mehrotra, Daniel D’Oca, Mariam Kamara,  Anita Berrizbeitia, Esesua Ikpefan

May 2022


Graphic that spells out Design Now on the first line, Episode 4: Housing, September 2022, Alexander von Hoffman, Marc Norman, John Rahaim, Jennifer MolinskyDesigning a way out of the housing crisis

Featuring Alexander von Hoffman, Marc Norman, John Rahaim, Jennifer Molinsky

October 2022

A graphic with a text that reads Design Now

The future of library design

Featuring Francine Houben, Joshua Ramus, John Ronan

May 2023


Produced by Maggie Janik and hosted by Harriet Fitch Little, Design Now is available on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, and the GSD website. For inquiries or to be featured on an upcoming episode, email [email protected].