CANCELLED: Bookmaking: Irma Boom and Rem Koolhaas

An antique faded book.

The 1786 edition of Oeuvres du marquis de Villette is the first modern book composed entirely of plant-based papers. The volume features pages made from thistle leaves, nettles, and dandelion roots among plants, and represents a small sample of the many innovative but commercially unsuccessful experiments conducted by French papermaker Pierre-Alexandre Léorier Delisle in his lifetime (1744-1826). Charles-Michelle Villette, Oeuvres du marquis de Villette (1786). 13 cm x 6 cm. Image courtesy of The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Event Description

*UPDATE 10/4/23: This event has been cancelled. 

The exhibition The Book in the Age of … presents the outcomes of an intensive research seminar on the history and future of the book co-taught by Irma Boom, Phillip Denny, and Rem Koolhaas at the GSD in the spring of 2023. Over the course of the semester, the seminar assembled a collective history of the book and developed a dozen original conjectures for its future evolution. Drawing on the experiments in the classroom and celebrating the exhibition, Boom and Koolhaas will come together to deliver a lecture on the book in the age of globalization. 

Watch Irma Boom’s Fall 2018 Open House Lecture at the GSD, during which she focuses on two decades of collaborations with Rem Koolhaas. 

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