Harvard Real Estate Conference 2016

Leadership and entrepreneurship at times intersect and their intersection often helps to transform an industry and invent new paradigms. At this juncture, when the multidimensional and intricate realm of the built environment poses unprecedented challenges to our conventional model, we look to leadership and entrepreneurship for a renewed promise and exploration of potentials in creating enduring value, both economic and social, brought about by technology advancement, design innovation and global urbanism.

This symposium, organized by Harvard MDes Real Estate and the Built Environment, gathers leaders from established real estate and investment companies as well as from promising fin-tech enterprises that are disrupting real estate practice. It aims to explore and predict transformative industry trajectories, and identify opportunities and challenges within the established real estate realm as well as possibilities in real estate practice that are ripe for future disruption.

Event Moderator: Associate Professor Bing WangHarvard GSD

Speakers Include:
Todd Eagle, Managing Director, Goldman Sachs
Matthias Lücker, Chairman, FREO
Jean Romain, Former Co-Head, Colony Capital
Imdat As, CEO and Co-Founder, Arcbazar
Emmanuel Lumineau, CEO and Co-Founder, BrickVest
Marc Rutzen, Co-Founder and CTO, Endo Score

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