Michele De Lucchi, “Earth Stations – Future Sharing Architectures”

A circular structure spans across a wide river canyon.

Earth Stations - Crown Station, credits Filippo Bolognese Images

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Event Description

What can we as architects do for the world to come? We can use eco-friendly materials, and we can adopt the most sophisticated technologies, but if we do not get used to thinking with a sustainability mindset, building the greenest house in the world will not make the slightest difference, because, ultimately, we will continue to behave like irresponsible consumers. Consequently, we must intervene with a new way of thinking, one born today for the world of tomorrow. By attending to the unique qualities of spaces, we can foster mutually beneficial behavior that enables people to get along well together. This is why my studio, AMDL CIRCLE, and I have created Earth Stations, visionary architectures developed to cultivate human relationships.


Black and white headshot of Michele De Lucchi.Architect Michele De Lucchi has had a long and distinguished career. He was a prominent figure in movements like Alchimia and Memphis. He has designed furniture for the most well-known Italian and European companies, including Olivetti, where he spent 14 years as Director of Design (1988-2002). He has realized architectural projects in Italy and abroad, including cultural, corporate, industrial, and residential buildings. For Deutsche Bank, Deutsche Bundesbahn, Enel, Poste Italiane, Hera, Intesa Sanpaolo, UniCredit, and at other Italian and foreign banks he has designed working environments and built corporate images. He has developed essential hospitality projects in Georgia, China, Japan, and various parts of Italy. He has planned buildings for museums such as the home of the Triennale di Milano, the Palazzo delle Esposizioni in Rome, the Neues Museum in Berlin, and the Gallerie d’Italia.

In 2000 he was appointed Officer of the Italian Republic by President Ciampi. In 2001 he was nominated Professor at the IUAV in Venice. In 2006 he received an Honorary Doctorate from Kingston University. In 2008 he was nominated Professor at the Design Faculty of the Politecnico of Milan and Member of the Accademia Nazionale di San Luca in Rome. During 2018 Michele De Lucchi was Guest Editor of the new“Domus” magazine. In 2022 he was honoured with the Compasso d’Oro Career Award.

Michele De Lucchi is founder and member of AMDL CIRCLE.

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