For students entering Fall 2020

First Year

4 units          GSD 2482        Art, Design and the Public Domain Proseminar
4 units          GSD 2484        Interdisciplinary Art Practices
24 units        Electives

Second Year

Coursework Track:
16 units        Electives


Thesis Track:
16 units        Electives
8 units          GSD 9304        Independent Thesis for the Degree Master in Design Studies


Recommended Research Methodology Courses
Courses that teach skills of potential relevance to thesis projects

VIS-2129  Spatial Analysis and the Built Environment
VIS-2446  Drawing for Designers: Techniques of Expression, Articulation, and Representation
HIS-4356  Screens: Projecting Media and the Visual Arts
SCI-6141 Ecologies, Techniques, Technologies I
SCI-6317  Material Systems: Digital Design and Fabrication
SCI-6477  Nano Micro Macro: Adaptive Material Laboratory (with SEAS)

At Harvard Kennedy School
DPI-830A Column and Opinion Writing
DPI-831MA Op-Ed Writing
DPI-835MA Speechwriting
DPI-802MA The Arts of Communication
DEV-309 Development Policy Strategy
API-222A Machine Learning and Big Data Analytics

At Harvard Divinity School
2907 / Introduction to Public Preaching*

Suggested Electives

Art, Design, and the Public Domain
VIS-2481  Public Projection: Projection as a Tool for Expression and Communication in Public Space
ADV-9153 Forms of Assembly

Culture, Society and Governance
DES-3333  Culture, Conservation and Design
DES-3358 An Unsentimental Look at Architecture and Social Craft
SES-5330 Healthy Places: COVID-19 and Cities
SES-5486 The Gentrification Debates: Perceptions and Realities of Neighborhood Change
SES-5502 Urban Governance and the Politics of Planning in the Developing World

at Harvard Kennedy School
SUP-150Y Seminar: Social and Urban Policy
SUP-234 Poverty, Race, and Health
SUP-921 Proseminar on Inequality and Social Policy I
DPI-150Y Seminar: Democracy, Politics, and Institutions
DPI-365  Plutocracy, Philanthropy, and the Public Good
DPI-376M Queer Nation: LGBTQ Protest, Politics, and Policy in the United States
MLD-223 Negotiating Across Differences
MLD-224A Behavioral Science of Negotiations
MLD-375 Creating Justice in Real Time: Vision, Strategies and Campaigns
MLD-377 Organizing: People, Power, Change
IGA-147 Civil Resistance: How It Works

DES-3348  The Idea of Environment
HIS-4395  Environmentalisms


(Required courses for students who entered in Fall 2017.)

(Required courses for students who entered in Fall 2018.)

(Required courses for students who entered in Fall 2019.)

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