Thaïsa Way

Lecturer in Landscape Architecture

Dr. Way is the Director of Garden & Landscape Studies at Dumbarton Oaks Research Library and Collection, a Harvard University research institution located in Washington DC. She is a scholar of landscape history, theory, and design, currently teaching at the Graduate School of Design, Harvard University and as Professor Emerita at the College of Built Environments, University of Washington. She was awarded the Rome Prize in Landscape Architecture at the American Academy in Rome in 2016. Dr. Way’s publications focus on questions of history, gender, and shaping the landscape. Her book, Unbounded Practices: Women, Landscape Architecture, and Early Twentieth Century Design (2009, University of Virginia Press) was awarded the J.B. Jackson Book Award.  Her book From Modern Space to Urban Ecological Design: the Landscape Architecture of Richard Haag (UW  Press 2015) explores post-industrial cities and the practice of landscape architecture.

She co-edited a book with Ken Yocom, Ben Spencer, and Jeff Hou, Now Urbanism: The Future City is Here (Routledge 2014)River Cities/ City Rivers (Harvard Press 2018) is a collection of essays contributing to urban environmental history. Her latest book is GGN 1999-2018 (Timber Press, 2018). with a co-edited with Eric Avila (UCLA) volume on Segregation and Resistance in the American Landscapes forthcoming. Dr. Way is focused on a broad effort to challenge the canon of landscape architecture to engage with the inscriptions of race, gender, and class on the profession, practice, and pedagogy of the field.